Seatree Crafts

Seatree started as an idea when we were looking for a new way to live – to be creative, to have more time around the home, to earn money (just enough to live, nothing extravagant) through our own employment and to live an altogether simpler life. Things get in the way sometimes, but we keep working towards that as our goal.

Seatree Crafts

Chris’s background is in mental health social work and management, and Michaela’s is in the third sector – counselling, advocacy and community development. We started finding time to be creative as a way to balance out the stresses of our employments, and built up some stock that others thought would be sell-able – so we tried a stall at a loal Green event. Things did sell, and it was lovely getting feedback from folks who weren’t just our pals!

And so it grew – mainly Chris’s work in driftwood and in photography. But at the same time, Michaela and friend (Pauline from Sea Drift Argyll – check her out online) had set up craft workshops and decided maybe rashly to have a go at pottery. It’s been a good path to walk – self-teaching and experimenting and buying cheap second hand supplies.

Somehow it just seemed right to start co-ordinating what we did and using the beauty of wood and the colours of ceramic together.

The name Seatree came about because Chris found a beautiful tree washed up on the shore – engrained in it were such soft and varied colours, from its travels in the sea and who know what it was too heavy to drag up to the house but it did inspire a piece of poetry – Chris’s other creative outlet – and so when we were casting about for a name it seems an obvious choice.

More recently Michaela has been taking Chris’s poetry and inscribing it into the clay. It’s a lovely process and brings something else out in both the poetry and the clay. Having the time more recently to explore and create new things has been great – Michaela is working towards taking part in a ceramic exhibition. Watch this space by following her blog, and check us out on Facebook of course!

If you would like to see our pieces in the flesh we may sell near you – we sell in Tighnabruaich Gallery, The Collective (Dunoon), the Tree Shop (Cairndow), Shooftie (Helensburgh), the Seagull Gallery (Gourock), Teasel and Tweed (Aberdeen) and Hellygog (Moray). We do craft fairs occasionally and will let you know when they are coming up. If there is a shop near you that you think would love to sell our pieces, do put us in touch!

Please contact us if you are interested in hearing more, or follow Michaela’s blog and if you would like to know how to get started with pottery, we run workshops here at seatree but they can be found across the country wherever you are. Also, let us know if there is something in particular that you would like to commission – use our contacts page and we will get back to you


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