Argyll Forest Park

Argyll Forest Park is a land of craggy peaks and hidden glens, peaceful sea lochs and rushing rivers. Established in 1935, and managed by Forest Enterprise Scotland, it’s Britain’s oldest Forest Park – and some folk say it’s the best!

The park stretches from the Holy Loch, an inlet of the Firth of Clyde, to the jagged peaks of the Arrochar Alps. It owes its rugged scenery to being at one end of the Highland Boundary Fault, the great crack in the Earth’s surface that marks the line between Lowland and Highland Scotland.

Argyll Forest Park Scenery

Where great forests meet Atlantic shores

Although it’s only a short distance from Glasgow, it’s easy to find wild places here. The park’s impressive rocky mountains reach to the sky, but you don’t have to work hard to enjoy its wonderful countryside.

Our Forests are great places for a walk. Sunlight dapples the path with shifting patterns; delicate ferns, wildflowers and soft mosses carpet the ground; and birds sing you on your way. As the path winds through the trees, new views open up round every corner. And if the weather’s not quite as good as you’d like, woodlands have plenty of shelter from the wind and rain.

Our waymarked trails follow graded paths so you can find one that’s just right for you. All trails have clear signs so you can follow the route even if you’ve never visited the forest before. Visit our web page at, where you can see and download a leaflet showing all the waymarked trails in the forest Park.

If you fancy heading out on your own, there are miles of forest tracks and un-signed paths to discover: you can walk anywhere you like in Scotland’s forests. If you do go exploring off the marked trails, take a large-scale map to help you find your way and please follow any safety signage as our forests are very much working forests.

Rest and be Thankful

Wild life

Wildlife is everywhere. At Glenbranter Red squirrels scrabble their way across the branches and pine marten lurk in the darkness of the forest while Crossbills crack pine cones in the tree tops.

Over the moorland above Corlarach, hen harriers glide softly, hunting for prey, and black grouse chortle. If you’re very lucky you might spot a golden eagle high in the sky around Ardgartan, but buzzards are more common!

Dogs love our forests too. They’re very welcome in the woods, and for many responsible dog owners their local forest is the perfect place to unwind with their faithful friend.

Responsibility, respect and care

We’re lucky to have open access to the countryside in Scotland. You have the right to walk, run, and cycle or ride a horse across most land (except somebody’s back garden, of course), as long as you:
take responsibility for your own actions, respect other people’s interests and activities, take care of the environment. For more details, check out the Scottish Outdoor Access Code at

Should you have any questions before your visit, or indeed any comments during or afterwards then please do get in touch via our email or by phone on 0300 0676600

We look forward to seeing you around the forest soon!